Travel to Norway on a Budget

Hira Khan
By Hira Khan Posted  in

Norway is famous for its natural beauty. From the glorious fjords, to snowcapped northern mountains. Norway is one of the best destinations in Scandinavia and for that matter Europe in general. Yet, while Norway is indeed a dream place for the people who belong to the other countries, Norway is also one of the expensive countries in Europe.

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Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan

Minhaz Asif
By Minhaz Asif Posted  in

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities of Japan. It is definitely one of those top places for any traveler. This city mixes the traditional and the ultramodern, from amazing neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples. If you go to Japan and don’t visit Tokyo then your trip won’t be complete.

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Travel Tips and Tools You Really Need

Tiffany Harper
By Tiffany Harper Posted  in

Whether you are on a cruise to Miami or you just wish to visit some tourist destinations in Las Vegas, you need to maximize every minute while traveling. Some travelers often find themselves in some sort of difficult situation as they go about whether they get lost or find out they are missing s major attraction. Yet, with some advanced planning, this can be avoided.

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Fun Things to Do In Rotterdam

Rushell Kayna
By Rushell Kayna Posted  in

Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands and an ideal spot to visit in case you’re on a trek around Europe. That being said, Rotterdam is the ideal sort of spot for a long end of the week break, as well. Read along as we explore the city of Rotterdam.

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A Solo Travel Journey to the Magic Land of Croatia

Aafia Khalid
By Aafia Khalid Posted  in

Solo traveling is still a nightmare for many people. My experience as a solo traveler was also overwhelming. As a female traveler, we are not even spared by the stalkers in our home town. So, the idea of traveling alone to another country came with a lot of anxiety and stress.

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Touring the Historic Monuments of Paris

Arindom Ghosh
By Arindom Ghosh Posted  in

Paris records millions of tourists every year from across the globe. Explore the Historic Monuments of Paris observing the varied architectural history walking down memory lanes and rediscover the city of history.

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Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health

Ahsan Ali
By Ahsan Ali Posted  in

Multiple new studies and research indicates that there are many mental and physical benefits that can be gained from taking holidays and traveling to new places. Most Europeans take an average vacation time of 20 days, yet Americans are noted for taking much less and many times no vacation time at all.

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Holiday In the Canary Islands

Justin Osborne
By Justin Osborne Posted  in

The Canary Islands are among the most popular sand, sea and sun holiday destinations in the world. Most people visit the Canary Islands to enjoy the year round sunshine and the beautiful beaches. However, majority of people are not aware of the fact that every island has a unique and sparkling personality.

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World’s Most Beautiful Beach Resorts

Debera Ann Koye
By Debera Ann Koye Posted  in

The main purpose we go to the beach is just to feel the nothingness. It helps us to shut down all extreme emotions such as sadness, happiness, excitement, anxiety. Sit back and just observe the waves, count the high tide frequency, close your eyes and feel the wind against your skin which gives a sense of relaxation.

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Best Things to Do and Places to See In Milan, Italy

Nishat Tasnima
By Nishat Tasnima Posted  in

Milan is the fashion capital of the world and it has all such as adventure, shopping, art, food, opera, and sport. You will surely appreciate the world-class attractions and cosmopolitan vibrancy of Italy’s fashion, media, and commerce capital.

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Things to Do in the Pacific Northwest

Susan Aylia
By Susan Aylia Posted  in

A road trip to the Pacific Northwest using Portland as your arrival and departure points offers an incredible array of cool things to do and see. Visit Oregon, Washington & Idaho and enjoy the journey.

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9 Most Amazing Hotels in Italy

Ahsan Ali
By Ahsan Ali Posted  in

Italy offers a number of small boutique hotels, equipped with modern services and amenities. Many of the centuries old ancient places are converted into luxury suites and hotels which add even more appeal and attract potential visitors more likely. Here’s a list of 9 most amazing and incredible hotels in Italy, pampering all the modern amenities and luxury.

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