12 Rookie Travel Mistakes That All Travelers Make

Ahsan Ali
By Ahsan Ali Posted  in

Whether it’s your first trip abroad or you are a regular traveler, we all make mistakes that can cause serious problems and can ruin our trip. We’ve all done it! Yet, from experience you learn to not make those same mistakes. Ask any seasoned traveler if they would plan some things differently if they had it to do all over again and most would say yes!

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Reasons to Book a Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

Rushell Kayna
By Rushell Kayna Posted  in

Situated in the Quang Ninh region of northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is an extraordinary scene comprised of about 2,000 limestone karsts and islets. Halong Bay is a simple four-hour drive from Hanoi and a well-known attraction for travelers to Vietnam.

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How to Overcome Your Travel Fears & Obstacles

Debera Ann Koye
By Debera Ann Koye Posted  in

Sometimes, things seem overwhelming and stop you from going on a travel journey. Sometimes the real problem is the way you perceive situations as obstacles. You may be overlooking an opportunity to create an incredible adventure. But that is easy to say isn’t it? So let’s examine a few situations that could be looked at as obstacles or an opportunity to get up and go!

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Reflect and Reconnect with Life at Cape May, New Jersey

Mark Slaney
By Mark Slaney Posted  in

Cape May, New Jersey is a place to enjoy that offers a quaint village atmosphere set among beautiful beaches and wetland areas. This is a place to reconnect or rediscover your purpose in life.

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A Handy Dubai Shopping Guide For First-Time Travelers

Arindom Ghosh
By Arindom Ghosh Posted  in

Dubai is an enigmatic place. It is a traveler’s delight. However, it is also a shopper’s paradise. It offers plenty of shopping options. From international brands to local street markets, everything is available in Dubai!

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A Magnificent Journey to the Beautiful Island of Iceland

Aafia Khalid
By Aafia Khalid Posted  in

Iceland has a mystical beauty that needs your attention. People seeking adventure and top-notch beautiful landscapes should always visit this magical world.

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10 Essential Tips for Traveling To Edinburgh

Amit Chauhan
By Amit Chauhan Posted  in

Edinburgh is divided between the New Town and the Old Town and is dominated from a hill by the Edinburgh Castle. To enjoy this Scottish city to the fullest, we recommend strolling through the streets and courtyards of the old town, which will take you back to the Middle Ages, relax in its well-tended parks and museums, watch the sunset from one of its viewpoints and end the day with a drink.

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Why You Should Visit Cappadocia at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Avani Patil
By Avani Patil Posted  in

Precisely a year ago, I visited a spot called Cappadocia, which is in Turkey. This spot is so beautiful and brimming with enchantment, that words are insufficient to depict the magnificence. Indeed, that is one reason why I never wound up expounding on Cappadocia. Yet I today, I will give it an attempt.

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Exploring Athens If You Only Got a Few Hours

Scott Mathews
By Scott Mathews Posted  in

Have you ever visited a new place for the first time and discovered that you have too much to see in a short period of time? Many people find themselves in such a situation when they have a day layover between international flight connections. At times, all we have is a few hours to visit a most fascinating place before departing on out connection.

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Norway on a Budget

Ahsan Ali
By Ahsan Ali Posted  in

Planning a visit to Norway or looking for some handy tips or suggestions? Want to know what’s the best time to go or what to eat and where to stay? Look no further than our best travel guide covering everything you need to plan a successful tour to Norway.

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A Few Cool International Travel Destinations

Susan Aylia
By Susan Aylia Posted  in

Choosing a destination for the best time on your holiday is such a difficult task. It includes a choice of sights, inspiration of the culture, the food, accommodations and most importantly the amount of money you will budget for on your holiday. So here are a few ideas for holiday destinations with some recommendations about the things that can be really important in deciding your next journey.

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Best Things To Do In Seoul

Nishat Tasnima
By Nishat Tasnima Posted  in

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is a huge metropolis where high-tech subways, modern skyscrapers, and pop culture meet Buddhist castles, temples, and street markets. It is one of those dynamic Asian capitals that is constantly expanding and evolving, yet steeped in tradition and history.

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