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One of the cool things about the success of Review Resorts has been the cool team of authors that have contributed articles about the incredible places and amazing cultures on our wonderful planet.

Our vision for the website has always been to become a conduit for people-to-people communication so we can try to demystify other cultures, without all the politics and hate you see on other networks.

Author Bio:

Nomadic Nudists
Naturist Blogger

We are a writer and artist couple who love to travel and hate to wear clothes. Unless it's cold out. (We may be nudists, but we're not insane.) We've lived the nomadic life since 2014, traveling the U.S. in a motorhome with a Yorkshire Terrier mutt who gets REALLY excited when you put food in his bowl or take him to the beach. Like he literally throws his much-abused squeaky toys up in the air — joyously and violently. We spend a lot of time at clothing optional resorts, but are willing to travel anywhere on the planet. For over three years, we wrote the Nomadic Nudists column for NUSA Sun magazine. Now we invite you to follow our experiences and observations as naturist travelers, here and at our blog.