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One of the cool things about the success of Review Resorts has been the cool team of authors that have contributed articles about the incredible places and amazing cultures on our wonderful planet.

Our vision for the website has always been to become a conduit for people-to-people communication so we can try to demystify other cultures, without all the politics and hate you see on other networks.

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Neha Singh
Travel Blogger

Neha loves traveling and is an avid trekker and explorer. She has done her post-graduation in Mass Communication, loves meeting new people and strongly believes in the Gandhian principle => 'Simple living, high thinking'.

    Top Brand-New Attractions in Dubai

    By Neha Singh Posted  in Travel & Touring

    There is no doubt that Dubai has the most distinctive skyline in the world. The emirate does not shy away from larger-than-life attractions and every year or so, a new element of wonder is added to its city-scape that will change the whole picture. Every time that you return to Dubai, you will be able to see something even more impressive or record-breaking as there is always something superb to behold.

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