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One of the cool things about the success of Review Resorts has been the cool team of authors that have contributed articles about the incredible places and amazing cultures on our wonderful planet.

Our vision for the website has always been to become a conduit for people-to-people communication so we can try to demystify other cultures, without all the politics and hate you see on other networks.

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Elena Meskill
Travel Writer

Elena Meskill has a professional background in content writing. With a passion for reading, research and writing she has been providing well-researched content for various websites pertaining to diverse niches significantly health, fitness, and wellness. Jessica is passionate about teaching health and does this well through her pen based on thorough research.

    5 Secret Things You Must Have in Your Travel Bag

    By Elena Meskill Posted  in Travel & Touring

    Though you need to ensure having all the necessities with you for your journey to proceed smoothly without any hassles. You might put your favorite polo shirt in your bag but you miss out on the important things. There are some other secret essentials you must add to your traveling bag which you will find very useful in times of need.

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    How To Learn More About Various Cultures

    By Elena Meskill Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

    Experiencing unique cultures affords significant social and financial advantages to those who travel the world. With improved learning and well-being, expanded resilience, and occasions to meet up with others, experiencing different culture upgrades our social intelligence. Our culture is our identity and that makes us unique to others. It’s what shapes us, our morals, values, virtues, and traditions. Culture is significant because it provides bases of social structures that make circumstances where individuals need or feel committed to do certain things

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