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Why You Should Consider a Vacation Holiday to Australia

By Hira Khan Posted  in Adventure Travel

Australia is a land of amazing contrasts. It’s the world’s tiniest continent and the world’s biggest island. Whether you call it a continent or a landmass, it is a GREAT country for a vacation holiday!

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Zakynthos, Greece: A Last Minute Travel Decision

By Tiffany Harper Posted  in Adventure Travel

After a long hard winter in Britain, I often find myself longing for some much-needed sunshine. When I thought about the beautiful beaches, great food and local experiences I had enjoyed on my last trip to Greece, I made an immediate decision to travel to the Greek Island of Zakynthos.

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Things To Do In Rarotonga, Cook Islands

By Avani Patil Posted  in Adventure Travel

The Cook Islands don’t get as much exposure as they ought to in the U.S. To be honest, this may be how the New Zealanders and Australians might like to keep it as their very own vacation mystery! That is mostly a joke, yet I noticed the serious absence of American’s and I kind of got an unexpected look from the locals when I said I was from the U.S.!

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How Travel Will Help You Grow

By Aafia Khalid Posted  in Adventure Travel

Half of the new generation of this era is suffering from anxiety and identity crises. They are away from nature and afraid to say hello to a different world. Overnight fame and success goals have made them the victim of anxiety. When you travel, it takes you to another world, you live all the emotions that you have never felt in your life. Traveling is the real way to conquer your real self.

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The Maldives – An Island Holiday Paradise

By Rushell Kayna Posted  in Adventure Travel

The Maldives is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean and is the smallest Asian nation. Aside from the incredible island beauty and turquoise ocean, the Maldives offer those famous over-water bungalows. Another really cool fact is that The Maldives are known as the most minimal nation on Earth.

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Best Adventure Treks in Northern Areas of Pakistan

By Ahsan Ali Posted  in Adventure Travel

Looking for the best trekking potential locations in Pakistan? We have picked 5 best locations for trekking where you can enjoy the scenic beauty, adventure-filled journey and cultural beauty of the region as well.

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Fun Things to Do and See in Colombia

By Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq Posted  in Adventure Travel

Colombia had a dark past and shedding its dark past, now it attracts visitors. At the moment, people are migrating to Columbia to live part time and full time in this beautiful country. There are a bunch of places to visit in Colombia. All those places offer a lot to visitors. Check out all the cool things to do and see in Colombia!

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7 Best Travel Destinations for Spring Break

By Michael Gorman Posted  in Adventure Travel

There are so many places you can choose from, but what are the places that you should definitively visit during spring time? Well, the decision is yours to make, but in order to help you out a bit, we’re presenting our top 7 best travel destinations for spring break.

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10 Cool Things To Do In Bali

By Alena Mathew Posted  in Adventure Travel

Bali is among the most dreamed about travel destinations for world travelers. Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island bordered by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Java Sea on the other. While Indonesia is primarily a Muslim country, most of the people on the Island of Bali are Hindu. There are a little over 4 million people on the island. It is truly a beautiful island and is a center of healing, wellness and Yoga resorts.

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Places On The Planet For Meeting With Elephants

By Rachel Hudson Posted  in Adventure Travel

Discover nice places to visit elephants in Thailand and all around the world! Find places to visit in Zimbabwe and many more! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you to follow easily.

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