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Africa Safari Advice For First-Timers

By Review Resorts Posted  in Adventure Travel

An African safari is a thrilling experience, and it gets even more exciting for a first-timer. But you must know the basics to have the best time in the wild.

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7 Must-Have Items When You Are Planning For a Recreational Activity

By Rabia Gul Khan Posted  in Adventure Travel

All of us want to have fun and enjoy our free time. Recreational activities are a great way to do that. It is something that everyone likes. But many people tend not to take it seriously, which might induce risks during the activity. That is why you should always be prepared for any recreational activity by bringing seven must-have items with you at all times.

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The People and Culture of Rishikesh

By Julie Kiruba Posted  in Adventure Travel

Rishikesh is well known as a city of quaint cafes, which supply native and international cuisines loved by tourists. Lately, Rishikesh has become quite popular for its festive Holi celebrations, mainly held by the Hotels and Resorts.

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How to Road Trip Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Emma Willson Posted  in Adventure Travel

COVID-19 has brought a slew of changes in trips with its travel restrictions. However, nothing stops the road trippers from hitting the road and cruising through the highways, albeit with safety precautions! After months in lock-down, travelers are slowly making road trips and traveling for work and pleasure to stretch their legs and sense the sights of the outdoors.

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What To Do On A Tanzania Safari

By Jacklin Jo Posted  in Adventure Travel

In Tanzania on a wildlife safari, you will find super welcoming people and a rich cultural diversity that will surely leave you enchanted by the country.

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The Rustic Charm of Skardu in Pakistan’s Himalaya Mountains

By Ahsan Munawar Posted  in Adventure Travel

Tourism in Pakistan has always felt secondary to the banter of politics and social instability, but don’t let the media fool you into forgetting the charm of this authentic country.

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5 Luxury Safari Destinations in Africa for Families

By Review Resorts Posted  in Adventure Travel

Safari experiences are always exceptional, and there are always a lot of things to see and enjoy while watching wild animals in their natural habitats. A luxury safari is even better.

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Ski Adventures in France’s Three Valleys

By Ahsan Ali Posted  in Adventure Travel

The Three Valleys Ski area in the French Alps runs from Courchevel to Orelle and offers eight linked ski resorts which collectively create the largest ski area in the world.

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Top Things to Do in Sikkim, India

By Yash Patel Posted  in Adventure Travel

No big surprise that all the top activities in Sikkim, India are on everybody’s Adventure Travel Wish-list. From paragliding, river rafting, link vehicle rides, testing treks, shopping, touring, to bird watching, there is no shortage of things to do in the stunning countryside of Sikkim.

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Travel Guide To Raja Ampat, Indonesia

By Alena Mathew Posted  in Adventure Travel

Like many other adventure seekers, I have dreamed of traveling to Raja Ampat. This year (2019) at long last I found the opportunity to visit. This area features hundreds of islands and a scuba diver’s dream, yet I found this area was so much more.

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