About Review Resorts

Review Resorts is a Celebration of the Travel Experience!

This website is a platform for promoting travel, leisure, recreation and resorts. Along with the opportunity for travelers to post reviews, we welcome guest authors to post travel related articles. With a clear emphasis on the Travel Foodie Experience and Adventure Travel the site welcomes travel agents and writers to post guest articles. Generating interest and awareness of travel, vacation and recreation opportunities is at the heart of the site. The website can be broken down into three modules:

  • Resorts are broken down into modules featuring Hawaii Hotels & Condos and Mexico Beach Resorts and various types of Recreation Resorts. Pages include the resort details, description, phone number and web-link. Additionally, users are encouraged to post reviews of their stay. Resort owners and managers are encourages to add your property to the site for a free listing. Review Resorts encourages Hotels to respond to posted traveler reviews with Hotel Management Feedback.
  • Travel Experiences are promoted as Travel Agents, Bloggers and Professional Writers publish their well-written articles about destinations and especially Travel Foodies. Author pages include a professional Bio, a link to the author’s website and social media sites. Here is a link to read more about our Guest Author Opportunities.
  • Vacation Classifieds are the perfect platform for Travel Marketers to promote their trips and travel experiences. With over 40 categories, the site neatly organizes the listings for users to find and make contact inquiries.

Vacation Classifieds are the best way to advertise your travel packages and deals.

  • It’s Easy – No coding knowledge required. The system uses a standard word processing interface
  • Free to post.
  • The ad’s tend to place on Google search for additional web traffic.
  • You can Login to change prices and product.
  • You can post Pictures.
  • Sell the Travel Experience! – You can post pictures and have up to 1,500 characters to sell the experience.
  • Viewers click the Reply to Ad button to send you an e-mail inquiry.
  • No programming skills required.
  • Did we say it’s Free to post ?
  • Here’s a link to the Vacation Classifieds

Note:  This is a travel site. We only post content that pertains to travel and recreation activities or the food scene as it relates to travel. We reserve the right to refuse any content, advertisement, post or review that we do not see appropriate for our audience.