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Sandos Playacar Resort

Sandos Playacar Resort
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Sandos Playacar Resort Hotel

Paseo Xaman-Ha – Manzana 1
Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo MX, 77710 MX
Phone: +1-52-984-877-2700
Website: www.SandosHotels.com

Rating: 4 Star
Rooms: 460
Floors: 4
Restaurants: 5
Category: All Inclusive Resort
Pools: 4
Fitness Center: Yes
Day Spa: Yes

Sandos Playacar
Sandos Playacar Beach Resort, Riviera Maya

Sandos Playacar Resort Reviews

The Sandos Playacar Resort Hotel all-inclusive resort is a deluxe 4-star hotel located in the heart of the the Riviera Maya. Sandos Playacar Hotel Resort has been awarded “Deluxe All-Inclusive 5 Star Hotel” designation by Resorts of the World. The Sandos Playacar is located on a wide stretch of white sand beach. Beach has Palapas for shade. The resort offers 24-hour room service, evening entertainment and four lighted tennis courts, snorkeling, windsurfing, fitness center, five pools, including and adults-only pool. Sandos Playacar is an all-inclusive resort that features an Italian and Mexican specialty restaurants in addition to the main dining rooms.

460 Hotel Rooms, 4 Pools, Children’s Pool, Adult’s-Only pool, 5 Restaurants, Snack bar, Bars, Pool bar, Water-sports, 4 Tennis courts, Snorkeling, Fitness Gym, Golf nearby, Kid’s club.

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Traveler Review of: Sandos Playacar Resort
From: Ottawa, Canada
Overall Rating: 3
Dining at Resort: 3
Sleeping Room: 3
Pool Area: 4
Beach Area: 5
Friendly Staff: 4
"My family and I (two teenagers) just returned from a 10 day stay at this resort. This was our third time there and every year there seems to be new additions (i.e. new restaurants, entertainment, etc). The first part of our holiday was a bit of a disappointment as there were a lot of spring breakers that were loud, abusive and were very drunk (one student threw up in the buffet area). We did complain to the management of the hotel and security constantly had their eyes on this large group. We stayed in an ocean-front room in the 1000 building, which I admit is outdated, but is clean and had everything you need. We chose to stay in that area of the resort as it’s close to the pool, restaurants and of course, the beach. We have also stayed in the Riviera section – it is very nice, new and modern, but was too far from the beach for us. Sandos does a great job of keeping the resort clean and getting individuals involved in various activities. Some of the entertainment acts were better than I have seen on cruises! The tribute to Michael Jackson was absolutely top notch. We decided to buy into the Royal Elite Membership – haven’t figured out yet how to use it, but we do go here often enough to make it worth our while. The resort is loud so it may not be for everyone, but those with children will find it perfect! Enjoy!" – Jennifer from Ottawa, Canada

Traveler Review of: Sandos Playacar Resort
From: Peru, Maine
Overall Rating: 5
Dining at Resort: 5
Sleeping Room: 5
Pool Area: 5
Beach Area: 5
Friendly Staff: 5
"When we arrived at the hotel we were whisked into the spacious (correction- it’s huge and its positively beautiful)lobby while our luggage was being tagged, separated and kept safe for us. The lobby is cool and air-conditioned. While we sat with our concierge one of the bellhops brought over a fresh-squeezed fruit juice in stemware for each of us. Everyone was pleasant, efficient and SMILING! We were impressed. Everything about this entire hotel is immaculate, roomy and luxurious. The architectural style is that of a Mexican Hacienda. Our check-in took under five minutes and we were escorted on a little golfcart-like vehicle by one of the bellhops to our shore front suite. the bed was comfortable – we both have bad backs (who doesn’t) and after two days here we noticed our backs were pain-free on the firm but comfortable King mattress. We decided we are going to find out where they buy their mattresses – gotta have one. In case you wonder if we stayed long enough for our backs to get re-twisted — we did. We stayed two weeks this time. This is an all-inclusive resort. We had a new flat screen tv in both rooms of the suite; the channels were spread over many languages. If that bothers you remind yourself you didn’t come here to watch TV. The minibar was always kept stocked. There was a roomy safe for our belongings. There was a supervisor on the floor at all times making sure the rooms were kept spotlessly clean. She was always asking if the housekeeper did a good enough job. The view from both our balconies was spectacular. There is a constant breeze from the Gulf Trade Winds washing over everything and although the temperature was a constant 83+F(days)/73F (nights) you never knew it was hot even in the Caribbean sun…and when we ever did feel warm we had enough sense to get in out of the sun and go bask in the shade and have a cool drink or return to our air-conditioned room.

There are waiters who walk around the beach and others around the pools taking orders for drinks and food. For the incorrigibly impatient there are places to get food and drink here everywhere, all day, and the quality of the food is excellent. You absolutely ought to get your reservations for one of the five five-star gourmet restaurants on the site, one for every day, if you can fit it in. Try them all. There are no reservations for the Mexican Gourmet restaurant so there is a short waiting line. Don’t think it’s a long wait though. There are friendly people from all over the world to talk to. We have waited longer in line at a popular Italian Restaurant in the states for food that was not as good or with as much variety as here. The spa is incredible. There is a huge swimming-pool size jacuzzi there and an immense air-conditioned fully supplied and staffed gymnasium. There is a personal trainer if you like. The food is excellent and the variety is well thought out – ethnic dishes share a separate counter at the open-air buffet style eateries. The breads, cakes and pies are fresh-baked. The fresh food and perishables are fresher than any you can find at the finest markets in the U.S. The food service people take pride in their service, the wait staff, the cooks, and the to-order chefs all work just to please you as if it was their goal in life. Don’t be surprised if a beautiful bird flies by – you are in the middle of the Mayan jungle and on the Caribbean beach – you just stay with your food and they won’t bother you. It is open-air after all and it is where it is and that is why you come here. I would have to add if you don’t want this kind of change of scenery or the luxury and warm breezes then stay home and to to a Burger Choker grease spot. When you finish your course and get up for more the birds don’t come by because the wait staff swoop by and pick up your dishes before that can happen. (BTW Don’t feed the gulls at the beach or you will get gull-haunting behavior typical of any seaside location).

There is entertainment for all and at all hours. I have to add this is a family resort and aberrant behavior is not tolerated; there are places you can be noisy all night if you want to, but not inside any of the hotels. There is a fine security staff and they are everywhere and very helpful. The entire facility is gated and fenced. No one gets in without a pass or ID. Scared by an exaggerating, slanted and biased news media about Mexico? You won’t see any sign of crime here; it’s over a thousand miles away at the US border at El Paso — quite literally. The hotel is all-inclusive and tips are not necessary, but we tipped a dollar for any services rendered. You never see the smiles or hard workers anywhere like the folks who work at Sandos. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and if they think anything might be amiss they tirelessly try to amend the problem to your liking. A dollar is all you need to tip, and you can tell its not expected – but the workers graciously accept it. We brought a lot, but after two weeks we had tipped under $100 total.

All in all, I can’t say enough good about this facility. I don’t know where “Steve” stayed, but it sure wasn’t at Sandos Playacar. This was our third year in a row there and we plan to return: the resort somehow improves with every year. They request you submit an evaluation at the end of your stay so they can improve anything on your suggestion. Every day between now and our return there will be hued by a note of longing for the Breezes, beach, the food and the smiling people at Sandos. We have joined their Royal Elite membership group and have found its definitely worth it. You owe it to yourself to check it out." – Robert from Peru, Maine

Traveler Review of: Sandos Playacar Resort
From: San Antonio, Texas
Overall Rating: 2
Dining at Resort: 1
Sleeping Room: 1
Pool Area: 2
Beach Area: 3
Friendly Staff: 3
"When you arrive expect to be told that you are in a pool view room, not the beachside room you reserved. Checking in takes 30-45 minutes per-person, an hour or more is not unusual, you arrived on the airport bus and are last in line. But you are on vacation, relax, have a drink at the bar while you wait. Ok, so the lobby is hot and you are dripping sweat on to the lobby bar. At the lobby bar there are 6 five year olds all getting blended fruity drinks, a line of hot sweaty adults and a very tired looking bar tender who is also dripping sweat. 30 minutes later you get your warm beer served in a 4 oz plastic juice glass which was not washed but briefly dipped in a tub filled with an iodine solution. Don’t worry about the old lime and lipstick on the glass you won’t get diarrhea for several days and warm beer isn’t that good anyway. Finally off to the room for a shower then to the beach to catch the sunset. After a 15-minute walk with the porter away from the beach we found the room. Nice room, Jacuzzi tub (don’t turn it on or the room will flood), glass shower (floods the room), glass toilet enclosure (fill the toilet with the plastic trash can to flush). Showered, flooded room.

Off to the beach for dinner and a sunset! So hot after the walk to the beach I felt light headed. Nice buffet restaurant, after a 30 minute wait we were seated, still hot and sweaty, too bad the A/C was not working (never did work in any of the restaurants). The buffets are combat style, they run out of the edible stuff often, expect that mother of 10, the one with the tattoo’s and piercing to body slam you to get to the food. Combat drinking, got several weak drinks in 4 oz juice glasses. Lots of people smoking clamoring for drinks, a 60 year old drunk lady with an oxygen tank took her top off to show her new tattoo. 15 minute walk back to the room, still dripping sweat. The A/C in the room worked and soon we were off to bed on our very hard plastic covered mattress. I was told that the mattresses have to be covered in plastic to control bed bugs, and because the guests get sick (diarrhea). After a clammy night on the plastic mattress I needed to get some email and make some calls on the internet, wifi through out the hotel they say. The internet is $5/hour with no weekly plan. It takes 10-15 minutes for a web page to load, never did get my email, will not support a VOIP (Skype) call. You must walk 15 minutes to the business center every time to purchase one hour of wifi. The business center is open from 8 to 5 (closed during siesta 2-4). In town near the ferry terminal many restaurants have free wifi that works.

This is a discount hotel, Do not expect much. OK, I am spoiled. I spend 15 days a month in hotels outside the US and have for the last 15 years. I have done nine of these all-inclusive vacations with my wife and kids in the Caribbean. This place is scam, a discount hotel sold cheap on the internet. If you don’t mind spending several hours a day in line for bad drinks and food this is your place. You will not get the room you reserved. The room will smell bad, thread bare sheets, leaky showers, plastic covered brick mattresses. 50 Spanish TV channels and 3 in English, no internet. Take ear plugs and a white noise maker, outside the rooms all the walks are tiled, the carts and wheeley suitcases echo constantly. Cipro will cure the Dysentery and is available without prescription at most local pharmacies. There are quality hotels close by in Cozumel and Cancun that I have stayed at. This was my first time staying in Playa del Carmen, there are probably better choices." – Steve from San Antonio, Texas

Traveler Review of: Sandos Playacar Resort
From: Yuma, Arizona
Overall Rating: 4
Dining at Resort: 4
Sleeping Room: 4
Pool Area: 4
Beach Area: 4
Friendly Staff: 4
"Nice resort for a family. Please understand the first day you arrive, the hotel will offer a tour of the premises. It is only a scheme to sell you a time-share. They will offer you free gifts. Do not waste your time. The lady was nice until we refused the offer.

Food is good. Nice kids club for the kids with lots of activities. Pool is clean. The beach is not ideal for kids. Waves were strong when we went. I recommend the Michael Jackson show on Saturday and Fiesta Mexicana." – The Flores Family from Yuma, Arizona

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