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New Travel Technology Allows Travelers to Roam

Smartphone Language Translation Service

I recently had the opportunity to listen to the PhocusWright travel technology conference. This was a unique format where CEO’s of start-up companies within the travel arena had 5 minutes to present their value to a panel of industry executives. Candidly, most of these new companies were simply more of the same. A “new” social network for travelers. Really? The world needs another social network? Sorry guys, that ship has sailed.

However, there was one that captured my imagination. is a company that provides language translation over your smartphone. This opens up a whole new world of roaming for travelers who want to experience life off the beaten track in lands far away.

While English speaking locals are quite abundant in most major cities around the world, venturing to the outback reveals that communication can be a real problem. Lack of communication can be the prohibiting factor in experiencing life as the locals. Verbalizeit provides value to the tourist by allowing them communicate using their smartphone as a language translation service. Read more