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Which Alaskan Cruise Company is Right for You?

There are so many cruise options, it might be hard to choose the right fit for your trip to Alaska. While most vacationers visit Alaska aboard a cruise ship, there are unlimited options to consider how to make the most of your vacation.

Alaska Cruise Ship

There are ships that cater to families and lines that don’t allow children under certain ages. Sizes also range from a dozen people to several thousand on-board. Some itineraries include stops in Hubbard or Glacier Bay. While this drives the cost up due to permits and entry fees, it also allows nature lovers to experience the Alaska they’ve dreamed of. There are cruises that spend more time in port and of course, endless itineraries with endless ports. Some ships are really set up to entertain, while others are focusing on education or experiences. There are always themed cruises as well as multi-cultural and multi-generational tendencies to consider. Sometimes it may seem mind boggling figuring out how you will get the best value for your vacation dollar. Start by listing the experiences you hope to enjoy like Glacier Bay. Read more: Solo Group Travel

2014 Cruise Travel Trends

2014 Cruise Travel Trends
2014 promises to be an exciting year for fans of cruise travel. New ships are coming online with each one crafted to bring exciting and innovative passenger experiences as never before. The cruise lines are also adding new ports of call to their ship itineraries and revisiting others not stopped at in years. Read more

Disney Cruise Line Tops in Satisfaction


The Disney Cruise Line scored tops in in a recent JD Power cruise passenger satisfaction survey.

This probably surprised a few people until you begin to think a bit about how the major lines have morphed into one big homogenized product. Read more

Cruise Lines Losing Public Confidence

Cruise Lines in Cabo Bay
Cruise Lines have work to build consumer confidence

A recent Harris Poll published on Reuters in May found public perception of cruise lines has declined substantially. The average perceived quality score is down 13% from the period before the Carnival Triumph engine room fire in February. Carnival Cruise Line scored the worst with a 20% decline on perceived quality. Read more