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2013 A Year of Change for the Travel Industry


As 2013 comes to a close, year in review stories are appearing across the Internet. I just came across a story in Travel Weekly ā€œThe Top Stories of 2013ā€ which listed a number of impact events within the travel industry. Read more

Improve Airline Competition

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It was announced today that the Department of Transportation levied a fine of $100k against Liberty Travel and $40k against STA Travel and AAA Mid-Atlantic Travel because their booking agents failed to disclose that the flights they were booking were code-shares. Code-Share flights are when partner airlines agree to provide transportation on each of their connecting flights and charge one fare. In theory this increases competition as an airline can offer service to cities where they may not have flights operations. Hopefully, for the traveling public fares are kept lower and they have access to more flight options as the airlines combine their efforts. Read more

Airline Competition in a Free Market

Corporate Travel Agents

I think there may be hope after all my fellow Americans. Earlier this week the Department of Justice filed suit to block the proposed merger of American Airlines and US Airways. Predictably, the forces that stand to capitalize on the combined company have their marketing departments going full throttle to say how great it will be if the merger is approved. Iā€™m not so sure. Read more