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Real Life Travel Adventures With Boutique Hotels

Real Life Travel Adventures at Boutique Hotels

Real Life Travel Adventures along the lines of Anthony Bourdain of CNN’s Part’s Unknown have become the popular way to experience foreign lands. Global.Li is seeking to help provide that experience. I was exposed to them via the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Conference. Last week I wrote about how most of the “innovators” were either a new travel booking site or another social media site for travel. Not very innovative. However, Global.Li clearly stood out as they seek to fill a real need.

Global.Li is an exciting new start up that provides a way for travelers and Travel Agents to connect with small boutique hotels and tour operators that do not advertise in the world market. This is a significant development.

My family has always been in travel. Back in the 1980’s my Dad met a Portugal based local tour operator at a travel trade show in New York. This chance meeting became a real money maker for the travel agency. We operated 14 day Spain & Portugal Tours for many years after. Each one was very profitable for the agency. The tourists all had a great experience as we always had the best local guides who gave the passengers an experience only a local could provide. The hotels were 3-star and 4-star local Mom & Pop properties that provided a more real experience than the big chains. The tours would spend time in places only the locals would know about or frequent. These real life experiences translated to future bookings as word of mouth advertising led to quite a bit of referral business.

Fast forward to today and Global.Li who is bringing the opportunity for these local boutique hotels to offer their accommodations to the North American market. Local tour operators, destination management companies and local travel agents also have an opportunity to participate on the Global.Li platform. The key is payment security and Global.Li seems to have a system in place.

Global.Li is attacking Africa first which is desperate for the American Tourist. At Review Resorts you will see quite a few African Travel operators who have posted ads in our Review Resorts Vacation Classifieds This is exciting evolution as it seems to provide the opportunity for travelers to work with the local operators who can offer the unique and real-life experience they seek when traveling to a land far away.

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