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Observations on a Trip to Orlando

I traveled to Orlando last week on business. This was an interesting time to be in Orlando as the verdict was being handed down for the trial of George Zimmerman. The trial only 20 minutes away from where I was staying. The Orlando area was as expected totally immersed in the societal implications of the innocent verdict. I guess this led me to reflect on things during my trip that normally I would just ignore.

It was kind of a surreal moment when the verdict was announced. Everyone had an opinion. My take is that knuckleheads do stupid things. That’s why they’re knuckleheads…because they do stupid things. Some pay with their life and others pay for the rest of their lives.

Travel observations:

The number of people who use tablet computers while traveling is astounding. Tablets keep you connected and surfing the Internet 24/7. They provide a much better experience than smartphones with their small screen. You see them in the airports. You see people sitting around the hotel pool using them. During my meetings the attendees used them to look up and verify information, multi-task and stay connected by managing their emails. Tablets have indeed changed the way people consume information. Yet, it also makes me wonder how many people who have previously invested in powerful desktop PC’s used them for work or to create content rather than just consume information and send emails? My guess is that most simply shopped and surfed the Internet. The less expensive tablets provide the all tools and connectivity that most people need. It is no surprise that PC sales are heading south as you would only want a desktop PC if you needed to create code or content or do more intense work than simply surfing the net and sending emails.

People are traveling. The flights are full. I thought we are supposed to be in a recession? Each of the flights were overbooked or full to the last few seats. Some are traveling for business and many more for vacation. If travel is a leading economic indicator, we are heading in the right direction. The airports and planes are full of people.

Allow extra time to get through airport security. The lines are long and the wait is about 45 minutes or longer to get through the security check.

Orlando as a tourist destination is doing well. The amusement parks are full and the lines long. Of course they better be busy during the summer month of July as this is their high season.

Gas is cheaper in Florida at $3.35 per gallon versus California at $3.89 per gallon as I write this article.

The mosquitos are out at night in Florida. Beware.

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