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Hawaiian Vacations Continue to Shine!

Waikiki Beach
World Famous Waikiki Beach

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) recently announced that tourist arrivals for the month of April 2013 climbed 3.1% year over the year prior to just under 667,000 visitors. Total spending by visitors across Hawaii increased 1.8% in April, to just over $1.1 billion in April. This welcome news comes on top increases in each of the four previous months from December 2012 to present.


You have to give “props” to the Hawaii tourism industry players who smartly used the low interest rates provided by Ben Bernanke and the lingering recession to renovate and upgrade tourist areas and hotels. The state is now reaping the rewards of a superior vacation product.


The simple fact that Hawaii is home soil for Americans where they can speak the language, expect the same legal system and drink the water cannot be overstated. When you throw in that hotel guests will not be constantly harassed by sleazy time-share sales people you begin to put a compelling picture of why Hawaii is such a popular vacation destination.


But the reasons don’t stop here. Each of the Hawaiian Islands offers a different vacation experience. The hustle and bustle of Waikiki is offset by the laid back island of Kauai. Maui offers some of the best beaches and golf in the Pacific region. The Big Island is home to some of the finest beach resorts in the world.


The downside of this increased popularity of Hawaiian Vacations comes with more advance planning required to secure space. Travel Agents are advising to begin planning your Hawaiian vacation at least 6 months or more in advance to get your preferred flights and hotels.



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