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Experiential Travel Continues to Increase in Popularity

Real Life Experiential Travel
Real Life Experiential Travel

Life is fast. Business demands that you are available at all times. Late conference calls, early presentations, meetings, meetings and more meetings all bring a frenetic pace of life. Life is fast, but boring. For many people in the fast lane, they relish the opportunity to turn it all off with a week or two of some β€œme” time to explore other pursuits. Real life experiential travel is fast becoming the most popular trend in the tourism industry.

A recent article in Travel Weekly by Gay Nagle Meyers details how destinations are capitalizing on this developing travel sector. Nagle Meyers states “As destinations seek to expand their reach to niche markets in an effort to capture untapped clients and revenues, the tourism scene is inundated with culinary classes, volunteer humanitarian journeys, body boot camps, wine seminars and festivals and even detox camps where visitors leave technology behind for a week.”

While the experiential side of travel has always been one of the most important factors motivating people to go overseas, the trend away from the scripted superficial to a more authentic experience is clear. This is not going unnoticed by the travel industry.

Consider the new CNN television series β€œParts Unknown” with Anthony Bourdain. This series allows Bourdain to focus on the local food and culture including the seedy side in real life settings. He generally enlists the help of locals to help guide him to the juiciest spots.

No doubt, Parts Unknown is changing the travel industry. This series is driving demand for this type of real life adventure travel. Look for the travel industry to respond with more unscripted packages.

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