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Ten Reasons To Plan An Azores Vacation

Azores Islands Portugal

Plan Your Vacation to the Azores Islands Portugal

1. Location.  The Azores are a chain of nine islands located about 1800 miles east of Boston and non stop flights are available year round from Boston and Toronto .  Seasonally, there are also direct flights from Montreal and Oakland California.  The flight from Boston only takes four hours. Read more

Travel Agent Marketing Platform

Travel Agent Marketing Platform

When I was running my travel company in the 1980’s and 90’s demand generation consisted of ads in the Sunday newspaper travel section, phone book and mailing a monthly newsletter.  How times have changed! Demand generation is now almost entirely online and the current method of choice is “Content marketing” where the travel experience is detailed with words and images. The basis of travel content marketing consists of crafting articles with images and video that are promoted online via a complex system of social media outposts and blogs that feed traffic to the company website where is can be converted into a lead.

Review Resorts is now a travel agent marketing platform providing three distinctly different free posting opportunities for travel agents to market their services.

News & Views section of the website allows travel marketers and writers to post articles about vacation destinations and travel industry news and views. In return for crafting your well-written article we will post your website link, Facebook fan page, Twitter Account, Google + and a short bio.

Vacation Classifieds allow travel marketers to travel packages and deals. Our Vacation Classifieds are set up to allow selling the experience by provide 1,500 characters and up to four pictures to detail your travel package.

Professional Hotel Reviews allow you to post hotel reviews of your favorite properties in the destinations we have modules for. You get to post your knowledge and experience and in return we will post your professional contact information including a link to your website.

The simple fact is that content marketing is now the most effective method of generating travel leads and demand. This is especially true for travel agents attempting to market the experience of their upscale packages. In fact, we sponsor a LinkedIn group entitled Travel Content Marketers where travel agents, travel writers and bloggers can bounce ideas off each other to form strategic partnerships. The concept is that the writers develop the copy that generates the demand and leads and the agents do what they do best by arranging the travel.

Real Life Travel Adventures With Boutique Hotels

Real Life Travel Adventures at Boutique Hotels

Real Life Travel Adventures along the lines of Anthony Bourdain of CNN’s Part’s Unknown have become the popular way to experience foreign lands. Global.Li is seeking to help provide that experience. I was exposed to them via the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Conference. Last week I wrote about how most of the “innovators” were either a new travel booking site or another social media site for travel. Not very innovative. However, Global.Li clearly stood out as they seek to fill a real need.

Global.Li is an exciting new start up that provides a way for travelers and Travel Agents to connect with small boutique hotels and tour operators that do not advertise in the world market. This is a significant development. Read more

2013 A Year of Change for the Travel Industry


As 2013 comes to a close, year in review stories are appearing across the Internet. I just came across a story in Travel Weekly “The Top Stories of 2013” which listed a number of impact events within the travel industry. Read more

Travel Agents Must Work with Travel Writers or Parish!

Corporate Travel AgentsThe fate of Travel Agents is in their hands

If travel agent industry leaders continue to be satisfied with isolated part-timers then all hope is lost. Put a fork in travel agents.

However, if industry leaders encourage full-time dedicated professional travel agents to form strategic business alliances and partnerships with travel writers to act as online demand generators there is reason to be hopeful. In other words, either they decide as an industry to get the message out online about the value they provide or they will parish. Read more