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Real Life Travel Adventures With Boutique Hotels

Real Life Travel Adventures at Boutique Hotels

Real Life Travel Adventures along the lines of Anthony Bourdain of CNN’s Part’s Unknown have become the popular way to experience foreign lands. Global.Li is seeking to help provide that experience. I was exposed to them via the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Conference. Last week I wrote about how most of the “innovators” were either a new travel booking site or another social media site for travel. Not very innovative. However, Global.Li clearly stood out as they seek to fill a real need.

Global.Li is an exciting new start up that provides a way for travelers and Travel Agents to connect with small boutique hotels and tour operators that do not advertise in the world market. This is a significant development. Read more

New Travel Technology Allows Travelers to Roam

Smartphone Language Translation Service

I recently had the opportunity to listen to the PhocusWright travel technology conference. This was a unique format where CEO’s of start-up companies within the travel arena had 5 minutes to present their value to a panel of industry executives. Candidly, most of these new companies were simply more of the same. A “new” social network for travelers. Really? The world needs another social network? Sorry guys, that ship has sailed.

However, there was one that captured my imagination. is a company that provides language translation over your smartphone. This opens up a whole new world of roaming for travelers who want to experience life off the beaten track in lands far away.

While English speaking locals are quite abundant in most major cities around the world, venturing to the outback reveals that communication can be a real problem. Lack of communication can be the prohibiting factor in experiencing life as the locals. Verbalizeit provides value to the tourist by allowing them communicate using their smartphone as a language translation service. Read more

The Experiential Travel Trend!

CalyCanto Casitas in La Paz
Dinner at the Caly Canto Casitas in near La Paz, Mexico

The economy is on the mend, the baby boomers are entering retirement and the millennial generation is now in their 30’s with more earning power. These factors and other societal trends spell greater demand for experiential travel. Experiential travel can be loosely defined as unscripted interacting with local inhabitants in genuine, non-touristy environments. This is contrast to past travel pages that focused on tourists viewing shows put on by performers. Read more

AdLabs Imagica Mumbai – Incredible India Incredible Imagica!


The weekend is here! This time it was all the more special since my mother-in-law was in town and we had to think of a place that has something new to offer and can be enjoyed by her. So as usual, scouting for a nice getaway deal or a day trip away from Mumbai’s hustle bustle is a huge task. For years Mumbai has needed a truly world class amusement park. And our wish was fulfilled with Adlabs Imagica Mumbai. This brand new international standard entertainment destination opened its doors in April 2013. Though it’s still in the making and will take some more time for completion, Imagica has garnered great reviews ever since it opened doors. Since it opened, I have been wanting to go and see what it has to offer. I’m glad I remained patient and waited for this time to come wherein we all could go as a family and enjoy! Read more

Getaway to the Land of Strawberry: Mahabaleshwar, India

Mahabaleshwar, India

When I plan a holiday first is to scan the days on which major occasions such as holidays, birthdays or anniversaries fall. Fortunately, this year it was all the 3 major occasions! Could not have asked for anything better this….Really. To celebrate in style, it was time to plan for a special birthday (despite three decades, I still like to celebrate my birthday to the hilt with someone really special) and having thought a lot on the location, zeroed on for a weekend trip to the beautiful land of strawberry MAHABALESHWAR.

Best part of traveling to Mahabaleshwar is to choose the hotel resort and board thhe Vento express which was a cake walk. Mahabaleshwar is a magnificent place with scenic views, perennial springs and waterfalls. Mahabaleshwar plateau truly lives up to its reputation of being the Queen of Hills at an altitude of 1372 meters, this hill station offers a wonderful climate and a soothing location. Read more

Observations on a Trip to Orlando

I traveled to Orlando last week on business. This was an interesting time to be in Orlando as the verdict was being handed down for the trial of George Zimmerman. The trial only 20 minutes away from where I was staying. The Orlando area was as expected totally immersed in the societal implications of the innocent verdict. I guess this led me to reflect on things during my trip that normally I would just ignore.

It was kind of a surreal moment when the verdict was announced. Everyone had an opinion. My take is that knuckleheads do stupid things. That’s why they’re knuckleheads…because they do stupid things. Some pay with their life and others pay for the rest of their lives. Read more

Experiential Travel Continues to Increase in Popularity

Real Life Experiential Travel
Real Life Experiential Travel

Life is fast. Business demands that you are available at all times. Late conference calls, early presentations, meetings, meetings and more meetings all bring a frenetic pace of life. Life is fast, but boring. For many people in the fast lane, they relish the opportunity to turn it all off with a week or two of some “me” time to explore other pursuits. Real life experiential travel is fast becoming the most popular trend in the tourism industry. Read more