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Author: George Oberle

Cruise Lines Losing Public Confidence

Cruise Lines in Cabo Bay
Cruise Lines have work to build consumer confidence

A recent Harris Poll published on Reuters in May found public perception of cruise lines has declined substantially. The average perceived quality score is down 13% from the period before the Carnival Triumph engine room fire in February. Carnival Cruise Line scored the worst with a 20% decline on perceived quality. Read more

Experiential Travel Continues to Increase in Popularity

Real Life Experiential Travel
Real Life Experiential Travel

Life is fast. Business demands that you are available at all times. Late conference calls, early presentations, meetings, meetings and more meetings all bring a frenetic pace of life. Life is fast, but boring. For many people in the fast lane, they relish the opportunity to turn it all off with a week or two of some “me” time to explore other pursuits. Real life experiential travel is fast becoming the most popular trend in the tourism industry. Read more

Hawaiian Vacations Continue to Shine!

Waikiki Beach
World Famous Waikiki Beach

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) recently announced that tourist arrivals for the month of April 2013 climbed 3.1% year over the year prior to just under 667,000 visitors. Total spending by visitors across Hawaii increased 1.8% in April, to just over $1.1 billion in April. This welcome news comes on top increases in each of the four previous months from December 2012 to present. Read more

Roughing it at Luxury RV Campgrounds

Luxury CampgroundsHeritage Luxury Motor Coach Resort

There is a new trend emerging in the RV and camping world with luxury RV campgrounds appearing throughout the USA. It was inevitable with the popularity of $100K land yacht RVs. The owners of the luxury RVs want to continue the deluxe experience with the campgrounds they frequent. We noticed this trend when the Heritage Motor Coach Resort luxury RV campground submitted their site to list on Review Resorts. Read more

Corporate Travel Sales Agents

Corporate Travel Sales Agents
Corporate Travel Agents as Sales Agents?

An interesting scenario is unfolding in corporate travel management that may have an effect on the type of agents attracted to the profession. I owned and operated a retail travel company for over 20 years. I had a robust leisure department staffed with agents who possessed the ability to paint the picture of the travel experience to the clients with an empathetic approach. The leisure agents who could most accurately describe a travel experience that matched the vision the client had were usually the top producers. Read more

Pushy Hotel Time-Share Sales


I am a creature of habit. I think to some extent we all are. I tend to patronize establishments that provide what I need or the customer experience I appreciate. When I go on vacation to a specific destination I will generally stay in the same hotel if I had a good experience my last visit. For example, I always stay at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel when I am in Waikiki. It is centrally located, has a great pool and is right on the beach. When I go to Cabo I stay at the Pueblo Bonito Pacific Resort. It is really nice tropical resort situated just far enough Read more

Cruise Industry Under Fire

I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years. Cruising was always one of the most popular forms of vacation packages. In those years I never heard about the problems the Cruise Industry is experiencing today.

The recent fire aboard the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas is just another mishap the cruise industry has seen in the last two years. Consider the wreck of the Costa Concordia which 32 people died. The Carnival Triumph engine room fire left the ship dead in the water which required a tow back to port in extremely poor unsanitary conditions. Read more

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