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 Travel to the majestic Kingdom of Bhutan
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 Ad Posted: Wednesday, March 9, 2016
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Travel to the Majestic Kingdom of Bhutan

There is so much of warmth in the fresh, cool and typically Bhutanese air that you will breathe when you travel to Bhutan. Your Bhutan tours and travel will be completely different as compared to other countries. Most of the other countries offer their architectural cultural, traditional beauties. But Bhutan besides having a unique and different culture and traditions has, its natural beauty, which we as Bhutanese, are committed to conserve the authenticity of a truly natural system. The country has also not shied from the good that modernity has to offer. It is this ability of the Bhutanese people that fascinates the visitor. Thus this tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, sandwiched between the two Asian giants, China and India, is considered the top tourist destination by many travel magazines.
Bhutan receives a very few number of Tourists every year as compared to all other countries because it maintains its principle of low volume and “high value” Tourism so as to sustain a very fragile ecosystem and Buddhism based culture and traditions. As the number of visitors travelling to Bhutan has increased, the quality of services rendered by all tour operators have undoubtedly improved. Experience has gained power and so has the mentality of Bhutanese to satisfy their customers (Tourist and visitors).
We, Medieval Bhutan Tours, under the wings of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, will fulfill all your needs and aspiration for your Bhutan Travel and Tours. One can completely enjoy a new experience just in stepping on the Bhutanese terrain. Many interesting things are to be unveiled yet. You are the one to pull the shades and ad quire a full new sense of beauty. Bhutan offers many opportunities for trekking and tours with its splendid scenic beauty, lofty mountains and deep valleys untouched by modernization. Trekking and touring in this Himalayan kingdom is a wonderful experience for any one who enjoys rich natural habitats, meeting indigenous people and their cultures. Trekking is an ideal way to get a sense of the country -the purity of natural beauty and purity of ancient civilization of Bhutan.Bhutan has been identified as ten of the bio diversity hot spots of the world. The best idea to be close with the bio diversity that confines of 770 species of birds, 50 species of rhododendron and variety of medical plants and orchids, variety of wildlife like snow leopard, takin, blue sheep, tiger, water buffalo, etc., is trekking. To feel the Cool Himalayas nothing is ultimately better than trekking. Get an unforgettable adventure with Medieval Bhutan Tours.
You can even choose your own itinerary and we will do our best to accommodate that. A Bhutan trek is physically demanding because of its lengths and the almost unbelievable changes in elevation. You can easily walk on the trails - no particular mountaineering experience is required except a passion for isolated and solitary hiking.All treks will take you rolling up and down the small hills, passing through various biospheres hosting a variety of trees and vegetation. As most treks are in protected areas, there are good opportunities to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Festivals in Bhutan are rich and happy expressions of its ancient Buddhist culture. It is also a social gatherings where people, dressed in their best, come together to rejoice. Festivals are annually held in every Dzong (fortress) and monasteries. '

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