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Armadillo Nudist Resort

Armadillo Nudist Resort
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Armadillo Nudist Resort

400 Perkins Road
Poolville, Texas 76487
Phone: 1-817-599-6833

Rating: 3 Star
Rooms: 0
Floors: 0
Restaurants: 1
Category: Clothing Optional Resort
Pools: 2
Fitness Center: No
Day Spa: No

Armadillo Nudist Resort
Armadillo Nudist Resort near Dallas, Texas

Armadillo Texas Nudist Resort

Armadillo Resort is the fastest growing clothing optional resort in the area, spans 50 acres of beautiful, wooded land just 20 minutes north of Weatherford, Texas.

The Armadillo Clothing Optional Resort caters to the needs of families as well as couples and singles. Children are welcomed, protected and encouraged to blossom in the wholesome, family environment. The facilities and activities at Armadillo Resort reflect the family nudist environment.

On Saturday evenings, Donnie the DJ, kicks into gear for the high energy dance. He has over 4.000 songs and he plays everything from rock to country and western. Like other nudist resorts, Armadillo has an over 18 policy at the dance which allows grown-ups to socialize on their level. On Friday evenings during summer, weather permitting, Armadillo Resort holds an "Under the Stars" popcorn and movie night. So bring your golf cart or chairs to sit on and relax in the beautifully warm Texas evenings. During winter the "Popcorn and Movie Night" takes place in the clubhouse. During summer weekends, impromptu games of water volleyball, horseshoes and ladder golf can be enjoyed. Both pools are open in season to accommodate everyone; the energetic who want to play water volleyball as well as those who prefer to float, soak up the Sun and socialize. The newly installed enclosed hot-tub is simply decadent, hot and bubbly. Beautiful hiking trails are maintained for long leisurely ambles in nature and a library will be available to those who prefer to relax by curling up with a good read.

Join Armadillo Resort for a weekend and see for yourself why they have the fastest growing membership of all other Clothing Optional Resorts in the area.

Resort Rules:
No photography or video recording is allowed. Inappropriate behavior between guests and staff is not allowed. Please no explicit sexual behavior in public areas. The Management reserves the right of removing guests from the Resort without refund for any violations of the above.

RV Camping with Hookups, Tent Camping, Club House, Snack Bar, 2 Pools, Sundeck

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Traveler Review of: Armadillo Nudist Resort
From: Texas
Resort Rating: 3
Friendly People: 5
Pool Area: 2
First Nudist Experience: NO
Resort Condition: 2
Overall Experience: 2
"Let me start by saying this was not my first visit to this resort and this used to be a great place. Well, I don’t believe it is the fastest growing resort anymore. It seemed rather dead to say the least. The pool area chairs were in terrible condition and very few good ones and the pool was dirty Thursday afternoon when I arrived. The dance hall the evening of the dance was horrible for non-smokers as the place was not ventilated so even the small area for non smokers was not effective. In today’s world where most educated people know smoking is awful for your health the Armadillo seems content to allow its members and visitors to be subjected to second hand smoke. I think this resort is withering and dying as the majority of its members are aging and reluctant to change with the times. Hopefully they will come to their senses before it nothing more than a retirement resort."
– Robert from Texas

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