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Hotel Reviews

Review Posting Criteria needs your input to present a fair and balanced description of the resorts. Please feel free to present your personal experience either positive and/or negative. However, if your goal is to simply be vindictive please do not submit a review.

Here is our basic non-inclusive criteria for posting your review:

1. Please be fair when reviewing a resort or destination.

2. Tell us the inside knowledge you gained that you will use next time you visit the destination.

3. If you liked a resort say so.

4. If a resort needs improvement - Say so - but please be fair and balanced.

5. No vendetta's please. Don't verbally assault the property.

6. Do not personally name an individual when criticizing.

7. If you are employed or connected in any way professionally with the resort or destination we DO encourage you to provide feedback. However, please use this link to provide Management Feedback.

8. No foul language.

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