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Bare Necessities Nude Cruises

Bare Necessities Travel & Cruises

904 W. 29th Street
Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: 1-800-743-0405
Cruise Lines: Various
Destinations: Caribbean
South Pacific
Onboard Gaming: Yes
Health Clubs: Yes
Day Spas: Yes
Unique Feature: Clothing Optional
American Association for Nude Recreation
AANR affiliated resorts provide a non-sexual, wholesome, family friendly, social nudist environment. We post reviews of clothing optional family friendly resorts that are members of the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Bare Necessities Nude Cruises

Since 1990 Bare Necessities Travel has completed 46 full-ship charters and provided 29,216 passengers with the finest clothing free cruise vacations in the world. With charters on cruise ships both big and small and special rates for select resorts in the Caribbean, Bare Necessities Travel specializes in making your dream vacation a reality... au natural.

Bare Necessities Nude Cruises

You may be wondering what a Bare Necessities cruise is like. Bare Necessities hosts their nude cruises on the most popular lines like Carnival, Paul Gauguin and Clipper Cruises. They charter the entire ship, so every passenger and every area is clothing optional (except the main dining room). Bare Necessities Travel welcomes people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, sexual orientations and age ranges to try their cruises.

The owner of Bare Necessities Travel, Nancy Tiemann was recently asked why nude? "It has been my experience that people who are able to leave their clothing behind in a social setting are also more able to check their egos at the door and be themselves, as they really are, rather than who they think others would like them to be. Of course, what happens to my vacation-mates sans clothing also happens to me. I find myself withholding less of who I am as I hide less of my body. I begin to accept myself, imperfections, and all. I can assure you, for a woman who tried for years to match the unrealistic standards of beauty set by the American advertising industry, this can be very liberating. Clothes free vacationing leads to body acceptanceyour own!"

Celebrating Bare Necessities' 25th Anniversary

The Big Nude Boat 2015 – Celebrity Cruise Lines' Constellation

Sailing: February 12 - 21, 2015

Ports of Call: St. Barts – Guadeloupe – St. Maarten Coco Cay

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